Billions Season 7 Episode 7 “DMV”

Wags and Scooter in Billions Season 7 Episode 7

Billions Season 7 Episode 7 “DMV.” Prince’s latest play promises to enhance his political platform but puts Philip in a tough position. Chuck and Wendy face a family crisis as a consequence of Senior’s poor judgment. Wags and Scooter team up to boost employee morale at Prince Cap. Here’s what you missed!

Air Date & Time: Streaming on Friday, September 22, 2023, at midnight ET on Paramount+ with Showtime. Broadcasting on Sunday, September 24, 2023, at 8 pm ET on Showtime.

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Billions Season 7 Episode 7 Recap “DMV”

On Billions Season 7 Episode 6, Axe turns to Chuck for a favor involving a common adversary. Prince maneuvers to raise his public profile. Chuck seeks counsel from an out-of-the-box business mind. Wendy works to run employee feedback rounds, even at the cost of Prince’s pride.

Warning… Spoilers below!

On Billions Season 7 Episode 7, Philip visits his former professor Dr. Marc Ruloff (portrayed by Timothy Busfield), to learn of his breakthrough in self-healing concrete—a high-tech version of the concrete that erected ancient civilizations.

Patent Sharking

Philip convinced Ruloff to take the idea to Mike Prince. Mike loved the idea as he could build his presidential campaign around it. However, he blindsided Ruloff and Philip by buying the professor out. It was Dr. Ruloff’s life work, yet he vehemently refused the offer.

Mike charged Philip with convincing the stubborn professor to sell to MPC. Mike wanted Ruloff’s tech, so he charged Kate with “patent sharking” to buy up the related technology patents to block Ruloff from taking it public.

Philip tried to reason with Ruloff to sell to Mike Prince, yet he wouldn’t. Taylor noticed how distracted Philip was, thinking emotionally since he cared about the professor rather than thinking like a cut-throat businessman. She urged him to speak with the performance coach, Wendy.

Philip seeks Chuck's help in Billions Season 7 Episode 7
Philip seeks Chuck’s help in Billions Season 7 Episode 7

Wendy felt he secretly asked her to involve her ex-hubby and Mike Prince’s great foe… Chuck Rhoades. She asked Chuck to meet with Philip, who was initially apprehensive but opened up. Chuck met with Philip, seeking a legality to pursue, but there was none.

As MPC attacked, Ruloff outmaneuvered their business acumen. However, Philip unknowingly gave Mike a tactic to force Ruloff to sell his tech to him

Performance Reviews

Meanwhile, it was employee performance review time at MPC, and after their brutally honest feedback to the boss, they felt it would be retaliation. So, the employees refused to participate in performance reviews for one year.

Scooter learned that the employees secretly met for bonding sessions at movie nights (he wasn’t invited.) So, upper management got slick by devising a casino night as a team uniting exercise.

Wags and Scooter announce casino night at MPC in Billions Season 7 Episode 7
Wags and Scooter announce casino night at MPC in Billions Season 7 Episode 7

It was a ploy to study the employees’ risk management style to gain a pseudo-performance review against their will. Ironically, Wags was being reviewed too. He thought he was immune to it.


Chuck Sr. took his grandson, Kevin, to the DMV for his driving test. The teen failed epically. So, Chuck Sr. offered the instructor a bribe and was detained.

The Rhoades family works to get out of DMV bribery in Billions Season 7 Episode 7
The Rhoades family works to get out of DMV bribery in Billions Season 7 Episode 7

Chuck Jr. was called in to alleviate the situation. He delicately used his influence to spring his father and transition the matter to the state’s attorney’s office, where Daevisha would potentially prosecute the case. He made a deal with Daevisha for a fine, provided Chuck Sr. agreed to it. Of course, Sr. vehemently refused it and showed Jr. that he was not there for his son when needed

Chuck and Wendy learned they weren’t accessible for their son, and Chuck Sr. had to intervene. They vowed better communication and change.

Shortly after, Chuck and Wendy attended their son’s driving test. This time, he passed legitimately.


Ultimately, Chuck used his influence to get the government involved, confiscating Dr. Ruloff’s work, classifying it, and shelving it. When Mike Prince learned of the DOD’s involvement, he considered it another tactic in his war chest. He figured when he was president, he would declassify the tech and unveil it in his second term, showcasing he would save America with the revolutionary foundation to build the country…

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On “Billions” S7E7, high-stakes intrigue unfolds as Philip and Mike Prince grapple for control over Dr. Marc Ruloff’s revolutionary self-healing concrete. Amid patent sharking and high-powered negotiations, Ruloff resists, and a clever Chuck puts the tech under government wraps, providing Mike with potential future political ammunition. Meanwhile, the undercurrents of office politics surface at MPC through covert performance reviews, and Chuck Sr.’s DMV debacle leads to familial reflections and resolutions. In a world of billion-dollar gambits and clandestine maneuvers, the battle for a technological marvel lays the foundation for potential political triumph.

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

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Billions Cast

  • Paul Giamatti as Chuck Rhoades
  • Damian Lewis as Bobby Axelrod
  • Corey Stoll as Mike Prince
  • Maggie Siff as Wendy Rhoades
  • Piper Perabo as Andy Salter
  • David Costabile as Wags
  • Asia Kate Dillon as Taylor Mason
  • Sakina Jaffrey as Daevisha ‘Dave’ Mahar
  • Toby Leonard Moore as Bryan Connerty
  • Condola Rashad as Kate Sacker
  • Jeffrey DeMunn as Chuck Rhoades, Sr.
  • Daniel Breaker as Roger “Scooter” Dunbar
  • Kelly AuCoin as ‘Dollar’ Bill Stearn
  • Toney Goins as Philip Charyn

Guest Cast

  • Timothy Busfield as Dr. Marc Ruloff
  • Zachary Unger as Kevin Rhoades
  • Patrick Fischler as Ern Quinn
  • Roma Maffia as Mary Ann Gramm
  • Vanessa Selbst as herself

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