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TV Show Recaps™ offers in-depth summaries of television shows & movies, including release dates, synopsis, cast, news, trailers & spoilers.

Our TV aficionados watch and recap individual episodes offering their first-person experience, expertise, and insights.

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Celebrity Myxer Editorial Staff

Sir Anthony (Chief Editor)

Sir Anthony (Chief Editor at Celebrity Myxer)

Sir Anthony is the Managing Director and Chief Editor of Celebrity Myxer. He has nearly two decades of experience as a journalist and is an expert content writer. He has been featured in Black Enterprise, Yahoo, AOL, and other media outlets. Read some of Sir Anthony’s work.

TK (Music Editor)

TK is the Music Editor for Celebrity Myxer. As a youth, he always possessed a refined ear for great music. He brings awareness of not only popular mainstream music but those super talented musicians from the underground as well as those on the rise. Read some of TK’s work.

Hasib Afzal (Writer)

Hazib Afzal (Writer at Celebrity Myxer)

Hasib Afzal is a writer on a mission to give you a low-down on the best TV shows, movies, and celebrity news. Dream it, believe it, do it. Hasib is a writer and contributor for other international sports and news media outlets. Read some of Hasib’s work.

Halla Warner (Writer)

Halla Warner (Writer at Celebrity Myxer)

Halla Warner is a Content Writer for Celebrity Myxer with over a decade of experience in creative writing. Read some of Halla’s work.

Amanda Bonar (Writer)

Amanda Bonar (Writer at Celebrity Myxer)

Amanda Bonar is a fun-loving writer who loves her family, writing, and animals. A true unconventional conventionist who loves celebrating unbirthdays. She’s always on the hunt for the next big show to tell you all about. She has more than a decade of experience writing creative stories. Read some of Amanda’s work.

Jordan Davis (Writer)

Jordan Davis (Writer at Celebrity Myxer)

Jordan Davis is a Content Writer at Celebrity Myxer! She’s passionate about writing, movies, and TV, and loves combining them all in her work! Jordan is also an author and has both a novel and a poem published. Read some of Jordan’s work.

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